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Pump Components

Polyurethane Processors manufacture superior aftermarket components for electric submersible mine dewatering pumps to suit sizes; 5kW, 8kW, 20kW, 37kW and 90kW.

These parts are suitable for use in severe conditions where maximum abrasion and corrosion resistance is required.  Many years of experience have resulted in producing long-lasting parts which can be used to replace components in a range of OEM Pumps including:

  • FLYGT BIBO, B2101, B2125, B2151, B2201 and B2400
  • Raptor 5kW, 8kW and 20kW
  • MineTuff 5kW, 8kW 20kW and 37kW
  • Other similar local and imported pumps

End users report significant improvement of service life in arduous conditions, up to 30% over other components for the following reasons:

  • We perform all machining and Lining functions in our workshop
  • Polyurethane linings are formulated from premium grade products from World Leaders in Polyurethane Technology
  • Thorough surface preparation ensures superior bonding to substrate
  • Controlled oven curing and post curing provide maximum physical properties of Polyurethane
  • Impellers are 27% Chrome/Iron (CR27), machined and heat treated in-house to 650 Brinel minimum hardness
  • Aluminium castings are 601 grade, (5kW, 20kW and 37kW) and marine grade on 8kW diffusers and oil housings
  • Stainless steel centre inserts are fitted to oil housings to prevent corrosion in seal areas
  • Over 30 years’ personal experience in the industry
  • Personal supervision by family members
  • 100% Western Australian owned and Managed business since 1984

Polyurethane Processors concentrate mainly on wet end components.

  • 5kW HT Impeller, Diffuser Ring, Oil Housing, Lower Diffuser, Strainer, O Ring Kits, Rotor & Shaft assembly.
  • 8kW HT Upper & Lower Impellers, Diffuser Ring, Oil Housing, Suction Cover and Strainer , O Ring Kits, Rotor & Shaft assembly.
  • 20kW HT Impeller, Diffuser Ring, Oil Housing, Lower Diffuser, Strainer , O Ring Kits, Rotor & Shaft assembly.
  • 37kW HT Impeller, Diffuser Ring, Oil Housing, Lower Diffuser, Hiflow Strainer , O Ring Kits.
  • 90kW HT Impellers, Shaft Sleeve, Wear Rings, (also 316 SS Impellers)
  • Some other components also available

In addition to new components we can strip and re-cast with Polyurethane; Diffusers and Oil Housings for 37kW MT, 54kW MT, Diffusers, and Discs for 90kW HT, Suction Covers 90kW MT.

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