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Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Processors have developed expertise and have a long track record for producing Hot Cast Polyurethane products for Mining and Mineral Processing, Engineering, Transport, Agriculture, Material Handling and other Industries including:

  • High performance HotCast Polyurethane Linings and coatings
  • Polyurethane Conveyor Pulley Lagging machined and grooved as used in iron ore mining, ship loading and other Conveyor Systems
  • Heavy duty and specialized solid Polyurethane and nylon tyres fitted to hub and machine finished to size
  • Polyurethane Lining of pipes, elbows, tees and reducer’s
  • Premium quality spares for underground mine dewatering pumps suitable for fitment to Flygt, Raptor, Mine Tuff and other similar pumps
  • Custom mouldings, rod, tube, sheet, mountings, couplings, bushes, rollers, scrapers and other items in Hot Cast Polyurethane
  • Refurbishing of worn rubber and Polyurethane linings for pumps, valves etc
  • Supply of WRM Trowelable and associated primers
  • Supply of plastic sheet UHMWPE, HDPE
  • In-house machining, milling, abrasive blasting, ultra-high pressure water stripping

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