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Polyurethane Processors Reviews

We would like to acknowledge our clients, many of whom are long term and span over multiple years from all over Australia. Polyurethane Processors clients are highly regarded and our objective is always to ensure that you are as proud and satisfied with our products as we are.

Our clients’ requests are accommodated, manufactured within industrial standards and completed promptly to high standards. Each of the following below shows how we stand out as superior Polyurethane Processors. Contact us today to see how we can improve your industrial processes.

Hot Cast Polyurethane Conveyor Pulley Lagging

Iron Ore Mining/Ship Loading Western Australia/Queensland

Hot Cast Polyurethane Conveyor Pulley Lagging has been carried out by Polyurethane Processors since 1985. In this time, no premature failures have been reported.  Procedures include surface preparation, casting, oven curing, machining and cutting of diamond pattern grooves, all done in-house. The Polymer and curative is mixed and dispensed by machine, great care is taken to ensure correct mixing ratios and temperatures are maintained.  These pulleys are mostly destined for major Iron Ore Mining operations in Western Australia, some other applications have included ship loaders in Queensland.

Advantages of Hot Cast Premium Grade Polyurethane Lagging:

  • Significantly longer life compared to rubber Lagging
  • Less likely to cause damage to belts which can occur with ceramic Lagging
  • Polyurethane is machine finished concentric with bore of pulley


Refurbish Pump Components

Electric Submersible Underground Mining

Polyurethane Processors have been re-furbishing Pump Components for more than 30 years, stripping out worn linings and applying new high quality Polyurethane Linings. Since 2004, we have also manufactured superior quality aftermarket components which are suitable for use in popular Electric Submersible Underground Mining Pumps. Reports from users indicate our components outlast other brands.

Submersible Pump Components

Feedback from many sources have confirmed that our locally manufactured wear components are superior to other brands in abrasion and corrosion resistance.  This includes our Polyurethane Lined aluminium wear items and our chrome iron impellers which are suitable for use in Flygt BIBO, Raptor, Mine Tuff and similar pumps.


  • Superior grade Polyurethane Linings, properly bonded
  • High grade aluminium castings
  • CR27 impellers, machined and heat treated in our workshop to 650 Brinel minimum hardness prior to balancing