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Customise Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Processors customise and tailor industry products to suit specific commercial needs, environment and purpose. Promptly, to a high standard in Mining & Mineral Processing, Agriculture and Material Handling industries.

The following shows just some of the examples of how we have customised Polyurethane products to fit a brief. Please contact Polyurethane Processors to see how we can help you.

Customise polyurethane products

Polyurethane Re-Lining to Prevent Bond Failures

Polyurethane Processors were asked to reline large valves which use a ball to seal alternative inlets. The initial valve body and lid were previously lined by another company using Hot Cast Polyurethane with ceramic tiles bonded in to high wear areas.  Ultra-high pressure water from our Hydro Knife Equipment was utilised to strip out worn linings.  It was noted that the existing lining was partly de-bonded.  When casting the new Lining, extreme care was taken to ensure full bonding was achieved.  Associated pipework was also stripped and relined, partial de-bonding was observed in these items also.  De-bonded Linings can suffer failures allowing sections of Lining material to become detached, which can cause a blockage and shut down the plant.  Polyurethane Processors thorough surface preparation, casting and curing procedures prevent bond failures.

Customise polyurethane products

Polyurethane Tyre Replacement for Hospitals

Hospitals Western Australia

Western Australian Hospitals are equipped with portable x ray machines running on wheels fitted with Polyurethane tyres which are prone to failure. Polyurethane Processors are engaged in a programme to replace these tyres with a more suitable Polyurethane product.  The wheels are brought to us in sets, we strip failing Polyurethane, recast new tyres and machine finish.  We have treated many of these wheels over several years.  None of our wheels have ever needed to be re-furbished.

Customise polyurethane products

Refurbish Rubber Tracked Vehicles

Drilling Companies

Since 1995 Polyurethane Processors have refurbished wheels and sprockets for rubber tracked vehicles used by Drilling Companies on soft and boggy ground. These conditions result in heavy wear on track tyres.  The drive sprockets are prone to failure due to de-bonding of Polyurethane from the steel hub.  Polyurethane Processors modify the hubs to prevent de-bonding of the new Polyurethane.

Customise polyurethane products

Replace Steel Yard Rims

Major Heavy Equipment Supplier

A major heavy equipment supplier used steel yard rims to move heavy dump trucks and front end loaders around the premises prior to delivery.  Due to the heavy load the steel rims were damaging the concrete in the yard and workshop.  Polyurethane Processors cast Polyurethane tyres on to the steel rims – RESULT no more concrete damage.  These tyres operated for more than 18 years before any re-working was required.