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Case Histories

Polyurethane Processors customise and tailor industry products to suit your particular needs, environment and purpose.

Customise polyurethane products

Polyurethane Re-Lining to Prevent Bond Failures

Polyurethane Processors were asked to reline large valves which use a ball to seal alternative inlets. The initial valve body and lid were previously lined by another company using Hot Cast Polyurethane with ceramic tiles bonded in to high wear areas.  Ultra-high pressure water from our Hydro Knife Equipment was utilised to strip out worn Continue Reading

Customise polyurethane products

Polyurethane Tyre Replacement for Hospitals

Hospitals Western Australia

Western Australian Hospitals are equipped with portable x ray machines running on wheels fitted with Polyurethane tyres which are prone to failure. Polyurethane Processors are engaged in a programme to replace these tyres with a more suitable Polyurethane product.  The wheels are brought to us in sets, we strip failing Polyurethane, recast new tyres and Continue Reading

Customise polyurethane products

Refurbish Rubber Tracked Vehicles

Drilling Companies

Since 1995 Polyurethane Processors have refurbished wheels and sprockets for rubber tracked vehicles used by Drilling Companies on soft and boggy ground. These conditions result in heavy wear on track tyres.  The drive sprockets are prone to failure due to de-bonding of Polyurethane from the steel hub.  Polyurethane Processors modify the hubs to prevent de-bonding Continue Reading

Customise polyurethane products

Replace Steel Yard Rims

Major Heavy Equipment Supplier

A major heavy equipment supplier used steel yard rims to move heavy dump trucks and front end loaders around the premises prior to delivery.  Due to the heavy load the steel rims were damaging the concrete in the yard and workshop.  Polyurethane Processors cast Polyurethane tyres on to the steel rims – RESULT no more Continue Reading

Polyurethane Processors create solutions for clients with industrial issues when commonly manufactured products are not sufficient.

Discharge Cones Polyurethane Lining

Mining Company Queensland

A Major Queensland Mining Company was experiencing problems with material build up in Discharge Cones requiring down time to remove the blockages. Polyurethane Processors were able to formulate and apply smooth and slippery Hot Cast Polyurethane Linings to eliminate the problem.

Gold Mining Agitator Blades

Gold Mining

Agitator Blades used in the Gold Mining Industry were being lost due to failure of the mounting bolts. Bolt failures were caused by Hydrogen Embrittlement from interaction with slurry chemicals. Polyurethane Processors designed and produced Bolt Protection Kits, comprising of Polyurethane Caps for bolts and nuts, plus sealing materials, and primers. This allows site workers Continue Reading

Heavy Duty Inserts for Drive Coupling

Heavy Duty Installation

A heavy-duty installation required new inserts for the drive coupling between a 5mW motor and gearbox. Polyurethane Processors designed and manufactured inserts of a suitable hardness and flexibility.

Therapy Mobility Devices Ocean Access

Services for Disabled Persons

An Organisation which provides services for disabled people requested our assistance. They had developed a mobility device to allow disabled people access to the ocean for therapy.  This required wheels suitable for operating on car parks, footpaths, ramps, beach sand and also able to enter the water.  Pneumatic tyres were not suitable for safety reasons.  Continue Reading

Underground Mining Boom Buffers

Mining Resellers

Underground Mining Boom Buffers and Hose Reels are manufactured for resellers.

Polyurethane Processors clients, many of whom are long term and are from all over Australia, are happily accommodated, within industrial standards and well within given time frames.

Refurbish Pump Components

Electric Submersible Underground Mining

Polyurethane Processors have been re-furbishing Pump Components for more than 30 years, stripping out worn linings and applying new high quality Polyurethane Linings. Since 2004, we have also manufactured superior quality aftermarket components which are suitable for use in popular Electric Submersible Underground Mining Pumps. Reports from users indicate our components outlast other brands.

Hot Cast Polyurethane Conveyor Pulley Lagging

Iron Ore Mining/Ship Loading Western Australia/Queensland

Hot Cast Polyurethane Conveyor Pulley Lagging has been carried out by Polyurethane Processors since 1985. In this time, no premature failures have been reported.  Procedures include surface preparation, casting, oven curing, machining and cutting of diamond pattern grooves, all done in-house. The Polymer and curative is mixed and dispensed by machine, great care is taken Continue Reading

Submersible Pump Components

Feedback from many sources have confirmed that our locally manufactured wear components are superior to other brands in abrasion and corrosion resistance.  This includes our Polyurethane Lined aluminium wear items and our chrome iron impellers which are suitable for use in Flygt BIBO, Raptor, Mine Tuff and similar pumps. Reasons Superior grade Polyurethane Linings, properly Continue Reading